Use Less Stuff Day

Use Less Stuff Day

Every day seems to bring more useless junk into our lives. All the latest tech gadgets, kitchen gadgets, and whatever else are available to us.

Even worse, we use too many disposable containers and paper towels. This all adds up to the environmental impact on the world and the environment we live in. Use Less Stuff Day urges us to look critically at our habits and make changes to reduce them.

As part of an effort to save the environment and save the world, Use Less Stuff Day was created. We are saving ourselves, not the planet. The Earth will continue to spin as it is, no matter what we do. Life on the Earth will adapt to the new environment that we have created.

We use literally tons of plastic bottles every year, microbeads in our shampoos and scrubs find their way to the ocean. As we upgrade our existing models and toss out last season’s, we go through huge amounts of resources.

Greenpeace and other organizations have joined the fray to encourage us to take action to save ourselves. One of the best ways is to control our resources.

Are you still using plastic bottles for bottled water? You can filter the water from your tap, and bottle it in glass bottles. Are you a morning coffee drinker who reaches for a cup of coffee every morning? Instead, make your own pot at home and save trees.

Make sure you check your shampoo and cleanser for any microbeads. These can build up and wash down into the ocean. This is what Use Less Stuff Day aims to accomplish.


Nov 17 2024


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