Use Your Common Sense Day

Use Your Common Sense Day

We see every day complete failures of Common Sense and amazing examples of the horrors that can result from someone refusing to think. Sometimes, it’s just hubris. People believe that their self-importance and ability to overcome the laws of physics. Sometimes it’s a matter of hubris, people who think they can overcome the laws of physics by being too quick to think things through and end up doing something monumentally wrong.

Let’s say you receive a USPS service letter. It states that if the letter isn’t in English or your understanding is poor, you should take it to the nearest post office. How would they be able to do this? Oder how about the woman who reported to the police that her ex was texting and she was able confirm it because it was written in her handwriting.

Bud Bilanich is a career mentor who established Use Your Common Sense Day. He has written 19 books about how to succeed in your life and how common sense is essential to that success.

Common Sense is an ancient concept. It was first codified by Aristotle when he described the raw analysis of animals’ minds and five specialized sense perceptions. The Roman interpretation continued this tradition, which presented the concept as ideas or perceptions that are common to all men. The common sense. Common sense is the ability to recognize simple and sensible things. This has been the result of a complicated development and many interpretations.

Simply do what is on the tin to celebrate Use Your Common Sense Day. Use your common sense. Before you act on an impulse, take a moment to think about your options and stop. Be sure to take a deep breath before you decide on a good idea.

To improve your common sense, you can also take the day to find monumental failures in common sense. There are many websites that can help you identify common sense failures. Perhaps you can learn from their mistakes and avoid them.


Apr 11 2025


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