Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Romance and love. Flowers and candy. Gifts and cards. There are many things to do on Valentine’s Day. Although some believe the history of Valentine’s Day is fairly clear, there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. Tradition has February 14 as the day of love and romance. Tradition hails February 14 (and possibly the entire month of February!) as a time of love and romance with both Christian and ancient Roman backgrounds. Many people are unaware that three Catholic saints were actually recorded by the Catholic church. They all went by the name Valentine (or Valentinus), and all three died as martyrs. This is perhaps the most common tradition about St. Valentine. It dates back to 270 AD, when Claudius II was the Roman emperor. The emperor known as Claudius the Cruel, who tried to build an army but ran into difficulties due to the attachment men felt to their families and wives. His solution? His solution? Claudius ordered Valentine’s public beating and beheading on February 14, after he was discovered. Later, the church honored Claudius by naming him a saint. According to some reports, he left a note with the message “From Your Valentine” in it. According to legend, he left a note stating, “From Your Valentine”. The festival was accompanied by a tradition where the names of women were placed in a box and then drawn out by the men they would be matched with. This allowed for luck (or fate) to take control. The Feast of Lupercalia was canceled by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD. Instead, St. Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 14. This day evolved into a time when lovers exchanged poems, flowers, notes, and cards. This is a great opportunity to show people how much you love them, even if it’s not a romantic relationship.


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