Veganuary Month

Veganuary Month

Veganuary Month celebrates all things vegan for a month. It was established to encourage others to adopt the lifestyle. Vegans who practice veganism are often referred to it as a lifestyle, not a diet. They seek to decrease the suffering of animals and improve the health of the planet by not eating meat, dairy or eggs.

Veganism does not mean you have to eliminate all animal products. Veganuary Month is a month that focuses on helping people change their diets so they can gradually avoid animal products in other products.

Many people mistakenly believe that veganism means only eating grass and salad. Veganism is a diet that focuses on plant-based foods. While you should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits for optimal health, there are thousands of vegan alternatives to animal products. This means vegans can still enjoy all their favorite foods like pizza, burgers and mac and cheese without having to eat animal products. Restaurants have realized that vegans are a big market. Many now offer vegan-friendly menus. This means that you don’t have to compromise on taste or experience in order to eat vegan.

Vegans should avoid animal-foods and also avoid products that are made from animal ingredients or materials that were derived from animals.

These include wool from sheep, silk from silkworms and leather from cows. However, there are many animal-derived ingredients that go into products like makeup, hand cream and detergent that you might not know were animal-derived.

These include lanolin (a grease derived from sheep wool), gelatine (unless it is stated as vegetarian, is derived animal bones), and cochineal. (A red dye derived mainly from beetleshells!) You’d be amazed at how many products have animal-derived ingredients, and how many of them are still tested on animals.

Veganuary Month is a month when people try to go vegan. There are many reasons, but these three are the most popular, according to the organizers.

These are just three reasons people celebrate Veganuary Month. But there are other reasons you should try it. You can lose weight, detox from all the holiday food, or fight off heart disease and diabetes.

Jane and Matthew, vegan founders, launched Veganuary Month in the UK in January 2014. They simply wanted to create a vegan world. Jane and Matthew understood that there had to be a place to start. The biggest barrier to veganism is ignorance. Veganuary Month was established to promote veganism in the public eye and offer support and advice to people who are transitioning. The event, which is held in January, is well-placed to attract people making New Year’s resolutions. It is now one the most popular New Year’s promises.

Since the first Veganuary Month was held in 2014, the event’s popularity has increased over the years. It is now being followed around the globe, causing significant change in the vegan-food industry and encouraging more brands to offer vegan alternatives to animal-based products. Every year, the number of vegans is growing and there is no better time than now to join.

Veganuary Month can only be celebrated by being vegan. It can be difficult to change your eating habits, especially if you are removing so many products from our daily lives. Veganuary has compiled a wealth of resources that will help new vegans stay on the right track.

Veganuary is all about eating vegan food. You won’t have to make drastic changes to any other products that you purchase (unless you wish to). You’ll discover how many products contain animal products, and you’ll be able to explore many vegan alternatives that you may prefer to the original. Veganuary Month can be used to detox from holiday excesses, or as a way to permanently transition to veganism.

No matter what your reason for celebrating Veganuary Month, the most important thing to remember is that you are doing it. So swap out your steak for a cauliflower steak. And load up your grocery cart with fruits and vegetables for a vegan, sustainable and ethical January that will be a huge success for your body.


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