Viral Meningitis Awareness Week

Viral Meningitis Awareness Week

Viral Meningitis Awareness Week 2022 is held from May 2nd to May 8th and is an annual awareness event, usually held during the first week in May. The event is run by Meningitis Now, a charity which aims to stop lives from being lost through meningitis and to make sure that sufferers and survivors get appropriate support.

The event raises awareness of viral meningitis, its symptoms and how it affects sufferers, as it is a less commonly understood disease than bacterial meningitis.Viral meningitis is an inflammation of the brain, spread by numerous other viruses which may enter the body, usually known as enteroviruses.

Statistics for viral meningitis are hard to effectively produce, as not all sufferers receive treatment, although it is an illness that leaves people quite unwell, but cases may easily go Without diagnoses. Hospitals also don’t usually offer follow-up appointments for sufferers of viral meningitis even though the illness can be debilitating and have long lasting effects.

Viral Meningitis is hard to treat, as viruses don’t respond to antibiotics, and thus treatment is mainly focused on alleviation of pain and discomfort, apart from where herpes is linked to the virus, in which case an injection called Acyclovir can be used to combat the illness. Viral meningitis can be passed from person to person but most infected people have mild or no symptoms, thus public health do not tend to take action on the virus.

Viral Meningitis Awareness Week allows information, education, support and fundraising to be carried out, to improve understanding of the condition, to prevent it and to prevent deaths and permanent health problems with it, as well as supporting sufferers and making the future better for them and for potential suffers.


May 02 - 08 2024


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