Vlogging Day

Vlogging Day

Vlogging is a popular way to connect with people over the internet. Vloggers upload videos of themselves, share their experiences, and gain viewers and fans who support them. Vlogging Day is a day that’s dedicated to vlogging and building community.

Vlogging Day was founded by Summer in the City, the UK’s largest online video festival. It celebrates its 10th anniversary in bringing together a community of vloggers. Summer in the City is a festival that focuses on creators, viewers and professionals within the Youtube community. It allows people to build lasting relationships with each other. It is similar to Vidcon in the United States. It began in 2009, when Youtube became a very popular social media site and millions started to use vlogging to communicate with each other. Summer in the City offers meet and greets, live performances and award ceremonies. There are also discussion panels and expos to ensure everyone has a great time.

Summer in the City is a successful program that has run for several years in the United Kingdom. It created the holiday in 2018 to encourage people to share stories with the rest of the world. It is also educational and allows people to understand the benefits of vlogging in online culture. Vloggers have found that they can build confidence, make a career out of storytelling and create supportive communities. Summer in the City hopes that it will inspire others to vlog and help the global community.

Uploading a short video of yourself to social media sites is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Use the hashtag #VlogginDay to let everyone know that it’s time for a vlog. You can discuss anything that is important to you in the vlog. This could be your personal life or your communities. This day can be used to listen to your favourite vloggers, and hear their stories.


Oct 08 2024


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