Walt Disney Day

Walt Disney Day

Disney is a household name all over the globe. It is synonymous with characters and stories that are beloved and cherished around the world. Walter Elias Disney was the visionary behind all this wonder. He created the voices of Mickey Mouse, and the seemingly endless parades of characters that Disney put out.

Walt was a name that Walt would call his friends and consider them all his friends. Walt Disney Day is dedicated to this remarkable man and the joy and laughter that he brought into the world.

It’s not hard to believe that Walt Disney was born right around the turn of the century in 1901. Through the introduction of his amazing cast of animated characters, he would change the face of entertainment and cinema forever.

Walt was born in Chicago and would move several times during his life. He moved first to Missouri in 1906, then to Kansas City in 1911, where he would attend grammar schools. He would begin his career as an illustrator and artist in 1919 after he was discharged from World War I, during which he was a member of the Red Cross.

Walt Disney Day was created to honor a man who brought joy, love, friendship and happiness to children around the globe: Walt Disney. No matter your age, there will be a Disney movie that brings back memories of your childhood.

Plus, Disney isn’t just about movies. There are toys, parks, and many other things! We should celebrate Walt Disney, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our times and a true child at his core. He returned from World War I as part of the Red Cross and would be an illustrator when he founded it in 1919.

Mickey Mouse would not be born until 1928. It was the result of a sketch that was done on a bus while Mickey Mouse was being created. It was quickly established as the core of the Disney Empire. The empire would rapidly grow to be one of the largest names in family entertainment worldwide. Disney, 90 years later, is well-known for its beloved characters and exciting theme parks. It also owns Star Wars.

It’s the best way to celebrate Walt Disney Day.

This is the perfect time to go back in time if Walt Disney was a part of your childhood. Enjoy a day of Disney fun with friends by sharing some sweets and food themed treats.

Walt Disney Day can also be used to plan your trip to any of the Disney parks worldwide. Disneyland is a must-see. It is the place where dreams can become reality. We are certain that you will be able to travel next year, or in ten years’ time. It is never too late to plan!

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is undoubtedly the most well-known, but there are many other theme parks all over the globe. Did you know there was a Hong Kong theme park? There are many attractions and rides to choose from, including Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch.

It’s possible to take a vacation that includes one of the Disney parks. You could do what we did and fantasize about all the Disney themed hotels we will be staying in. You can visualize it, and it will happen, right?

We recommend that you also watch one of the many documentaries and television shows about the Disney story. The Imagineering Story is the first on this list. It is a documentary series produced and directed by Leslie Iwerks. It is fascinating. This documentary takes a deep look at the history and creation of Disney’s attractions and theme parks around the world.

It’s fascinating to see how different ideas came about and how they were made into reality. It will be possible to see how Disney has evolved over the years and the challenges encountered along the way. This is an honest and rare look at one of the largest companies in the world. It doesn’t overlook the difficult times. This documentary really makes you feel a new respect for Disney. It is a great film to watch on Walt Disney Day.

You can also spend Walt Disney Day in many other ways. You might want to find other Disney-inspired crafts you can do with your children if you have them. These crafts are available online in a variety of formats. Perhaps you’d like to try some Disney-inspired baking. You can make delicious cupcakes decorated with the favorite Disney characters of your child. You can have fun, be a child and do it the Disney way.


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