We Jump The World Day

We Jump The World Day

Parkour is enjoying a growing popularity around the globe. While it may seem like a lot more running and jumping than it actually is, it’s a philosophy that has impacted thousands of lives. We Jump The World Day celebrates this art, also known as free running and the positive attitude it fosters towards obstacles. We Jump The World Day is for Parkour lovers and anyone looking for a different way to tackle the challenges of life.

Parkour’s origins can be traced back in Western Europe. George Hebert, a French naval officer, was reflecting on his experiences among the African indigenous tribes. They had beautiful bodies, which were nimble and skillful without formal training. This was a result of how they lived their lives. These experiences would be recalled by him during a rescue mission on Mount Pelee. His experiences there confirmed in his mind that altruism and courage were integral parts of athletic ability.

David Belle wouldn’t be born until 37 years after his conclusions. However, he would discover these studies through the results of studying his father’s achievements in gymnastics and athletics. He would learn a technique called “Parcours” from his father, and he began to practice it himself. He would soon spread his philosophy around the world, sharing his love of parkour.

Parkour is an art form that focuses on the expansion and honing of the body’s abilities. However, it is based on the belief that the obstacles in our lives can be overcome by our efforts to conquer them. The best way to overcome an obstacle is to use natural, efficient and sustainable methods. Even if you don’t want to learn parkour, you can still watch the videos of those who do it and read about the motivations behind them.


Apr 29 2025


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