Wear Something Gaudy Day

Wear Something Gaudy Day

Do you ever wish that there were more than one day in a year when all conventions of proper attire could be thrown out the window? Wish no more! Wear Something Gaudy lets you show off your worst taste.

Larry Dallas was a character that we met on the 1970’s TV Comedy “Three’s Company”. We were first told Wear Something Gaudy Day was to be celebrated by this character, and were shown a great example of how. Since then, Wear Something Gaudy Day has been celebrated without any style or fashion.

It is best to avoid fashion and taste. To find out the latest fashion trends, you can go to thrift shops and create an outfit that will shock and delight. A fun way to have fun is to get a bunch of friends together for a “Wear Something Gaudy Day” shindig.

Wear Something Gaudy Day is about standing out so make sure to choose vividly colored fabrics and strong patterns. Perhaps you can bring down the drapes of your grandmother and wear a shocking paisley brocade or find those items you bought that you didn’t know were bad until they got home.

You have the opportunity to display the colorful garishness that has filtered through fashion history’s annals with Wear Something Gaudy Day. You can celebrate by wearing a boa or colors that clash. Everybody has pieces that don’t fit in their wardrobe. So get out there and make others’ eyes wag!

To bring out the gaudy, check out old cartoons and shows. You can find many fashion accessories from yesteryear, such as the awful ascot and the extravagant Victorian era fashions. Or rent a neon yellow zoot suit to draw attention to your own style. It’s not about being shy.


Oct 17 2024


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