Web Designer Day

This website is fun! What about all the other websites you visit? You will be amazed at the vastness of the internet. Every page and website on the internet was created and designed by web designers. It didn’t matter if they were professional coders or hobbyists using pre-built themes and sites, the internet was built by a human being who actually worked to bring you the amazing information that flows across the web every day. Web Designer Day was established to recognize the contributions of people from all walks of life who bring us the amazing world of the internet.

The history of web designers is essentially the history and evolution of the web, much in the same way as the history of a building’s construction. The web was created by someone.

In the end, multiple web browsers were created and many audio and video protocols developed. Chatrooms were created and Youtube was born. All of these were created by a small army of people who could sit back and enjoy the fruits and results of their labors. It’s rare, however, that we even know their names.

While we all know Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, there are now thousands of developers who keep the social media site running.

Web designers don’t just create the beautiful parts. All the bits and pieces that keep a website running smoothly in the background are often developed by someone else, with sometimes different specialties. Web Designer Day is not over without thanking the web designer.

Web Designer Day can be celebrated by taking time to appreciate the web and the work that went into making it available. Take a Web Designer you know to lunch to thank them for contributing to the virtual world that you love. Web Designers are dependent on caffeine. A gourmet coffee basket, mixed teas or Mountain Dew will be appreciated. Happy Web Designer’s Day!


May 01 - 31 2025


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