Weights & Measures Day

Weights & Measures Day

How do you measure something when you are trying to determine how much it should weigh? What if you want to measure water with the same measurement? What about flour measurement? What if a pound is the same weight in Germany and Austria?

You’ll love Weights and Measures Day if you have ever been curious about how things came about. This holiday commemorates the date that the world came together to agree on how weights and measures should be used.

The 20th of May 1875 was a significant day in the history of international trade and the exchange of ideas. The world joined together to sign an International Treaty, which meant all 59 countries agreed to use the same system of weights & measures.

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures was also established in the same year to organize future standardizations of measurements for the entire world.

Because different regions have used different standards and measuring systems throughout history, this was essential. This made it difficult to trade and communicate on trade subjects. Therefore, methods had to be developed to translate these systems.

Industrialization was underway, and especially the introduction of replaceable components, so standards of measurement were needed to unite the world.

Old measurements included the original foot. This was supposed to be equal to the length of a King’s foot. A quarter of an acre was also available, which was the maximum amount of land that a peasant could plough in a single day.

Chains were also used to measure distance. A chain is both a length of measurement and an actual chain. With all these confusing measurements, something had to be done. Weights and Measures Day is a celebration of the day that something was.

It’s a great way to celebrate Weights and Measures Day. Take some time to study the history of how things were measured. You’ll discover how complicated things used to be before standardization.

This will allow you to appreciate the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and all they have done for society. It is possible to learn about the global measurement systems in the Imperial and Metric system.


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