Western Monarch Day

Western Monarch Day

Get out your tiara…wait no! It is not the day you think. It’s Western Monarch Day. It’s a day dedicated to the Western Monarch butterfly. Although it travels from one place to another, this day we are grateful for their return to central California. This is why it is so important. It is crucial to keep an eye on them and ensure that they return. The number of monarch butterflies is in decline is alarming.

Conservation groups have called for its protection as an endangered species. They claim that there could be up to 90% declines.

The Monarch butterfly is a beautiful combination of grace and beauty. They fly over the landscape in rich colors of gold, red and yellow, and then take over pollination. They know when it’s time to move. You can track their migration from the north to the south, east to south, and back again.

Amazingly, each step of the migration requires four generations! Can you even imagine that? It is important to understand the true meaning of Monarch decline, taking into consideration how many they pollinate and the impact their migration has on their population. Can you see the impact of a Monarch decline that is close to 90%? Let me show you a picture. Let’s not forget about insects, but people. The loss of the butterfly would be likened to all Americans dying except those living in Ohio and Florida. It’s amazing, isn‚Äôt it?

With this picture, can you see why Western Monarch Day exists? This day is to raise awareness about the alarming decline of Western Monarchs. It’s a day to make a difference!

It is possible to save the Western Monarch Butterfly by taking a few small actions. Three conservation groups currently work to protect the Western Monarch Butterfly from endangered status. But is that enough? No. It’s not. What can you do? Great question!

You can share your yard with them. They need milkweed as their main source of food. It is essential for their survival on the migration routes they use. It is the only place where Monarch butterflies can lay eggs. This plant is rapidly disappearing in the Midwest of the United States of America as more land is used for agriculture.

If you go to https://www.livemonarch.com/free-milkweed-seeds you can help by planting these free seeds. You can ensure the well-being of butterflies by giving them a break in your garden. If you wish, you can help to document the number of butterflies that visit your garden to eat and lay eggs. You can even enjoy their beauty knowing that you helped them.


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