What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day

Imagine a world in which our furry friends had thumbs. They could have opposite thumbs. They have thumbs that allow them to open their own cans of food, steal your belongings, and generally cause more trouble than they already are. What kind of world is that?

What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? This day aims to make us think and reflect about what our lives might look like if Mittens and Fido were among the – supposedly superior- species with opposable thumbs.

Ruth and Tom Roy came up with this bizarre and strange holiday. They are well-known for creating holidays – nearly a hundred in fact. This is a key question in life so it only makes sense to dedicate a day to it.

Humans are unique because we have opposable thumbs. We wouldn’t be capable of doing half the things that we can, such as open and turn handles, grab bits and bobs, without them. It is one of the main differences that sets us apart from animals that can’t grasp the same level as we can.

Tom Roy claims that the idea was born out of 45 years of living with cats and dogs. He realized that their primary need for humans was food. He wondered how things would turn out if they didn’t have to eat humans.

It’s time to recognize the skills your pet has, and perhaps the ones she doesn’t.

Would your cat use his opposable thumbs to do dexterous tasks if he had them? Would he be able to build fires? Would he learn to cook his own meals? What if he started using the items he had around the house to create traps for rats and mice? Or would he continue to do the same things he is doing now, namely sleeping, making a mess, and asking you to feed him whenever he wants.

Would dogs abuse their tin opening privileges if they had opposable thumbs? Would they continue to be man’s best friend, helping around the house and doing the dishes?

No matter what you do today, be sure to take the time to love your furry friends.


Mar 03 2025


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