Wikipedia Day

Wikipedia Day

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is multilingual and extremely popular. It has revolutionized the way people research and find information. Wikipedia Day is a celebration of the anniversary of Wikipedia’s creation.

Wikipedia has been used for more than 20 years and is now a common online resource. Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source for educators or formal research because it can be edited, deleted, and updated by anyone. It is possible to be biased and difficult to read.

Wikipedia is a vast library of information that is freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Although it might not be accurate for all facts, Wikipedia can still be relied upon to provide reliable information. Although it does mean that facts will need to be double-checked with more reliable sources, it is important that information can be accessed free of charge.

Jimmy Wales launched Wikipedia on January 15, 2001. Wikipedia Day celebrates its birthday each year!

Wikipedia Day is a day to celebrate Wikipedia Day, whether you are looking for facts or simply trying to have fun.

Enjoy celebrating the freedom to access information generated through grassroots efforts. The event is hosted by a non profit, non-ad-based organisation. Gather a few of your friends to share the benefits and how Wikipedia has affected our lives over the past 20 years.

You should make sure that there is a birthday cake and candles for everyone to enjoy.

Wikipedia’s very essence is about free online access. Wikipedia Day is a great opportunity to do some online research on interesting topics. You can see what Wikipedia has to offer and then go deeper into other sources to verify the accuracy and reliability of the information.

A few films have been made about Wikipedia, good or not. Maybe Wikipedia Day is the right time to see one or more of these films in celebration of Wikipedia Day.


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