Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Wildfires are difficult to control and can be particularly destructive if they occur in the countryside or in forests. They can burn miles of forestland and hundreds of trees, and they can drive wild animals away from their homes if they are not contained.

As you might imagine, areas with a lot of wood are more susceptible to fire than those in less-hot climates.

There are many reasons wildfires may occur, but most often they occur in conjunction with natural events like lightning strikes or volcanic eruptions. Wildfires can also be started by sparks that may occur when rocks fall in landslides, or from cliff faces.

Wildfires can be started in areas where people frequent, however, by throwing out cigarettes, sparks from equipment or just plain arsonists.

This day of observance aims to teach us how to stop these destructive fires from starting in the first place and what to do if one does start.

Although wildfires have existed since the beginning of recorded history, they are becoming more common with increasing human presence in certain areas.

The sparks of woodworking machinery, fuel spillages or careless campers may ignite a roaring fire.

The devastating effects of wildfires can cause havoc, so the National Fire Protection Association created this day to bring together the community and to make the necessary moves to stop them.

Today is a wonderful day to take a stroll in the woods or forests and to enjoy all that the countryside has for you.

Volunteering to help keep these areas safe is a great way to observe Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. Get out your gardening gloves and clean up any debris left behind by careless individuals that might ignite a fire.

It’s a great opportunity to educate your children about fire hazards and the impacts of carelessness on wildlife and forest ecosystems.

To show your support, you could also make a donation to your local forest services or organize a charity picnic or event.


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