Will Eisner Week

Because of their fanbase for superhero comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics have become some of the most well-known companies in history. Will Eisner, a cartoonist who is beloved by many, is the most well-known comic artist of the decade.

Will Eisner Week, a week-long holiday celebrating the achievements of Will Eisner, is celebrated.

Will Eisner is known as the father of graphic novels. American cartoonist, Eisner created the modern comic through sequential art and visual narrative. His works include the Spirit, John Law and Blackhawk and A Contract with God.

The Eisner Award, which is an award that recognizes those who have made great strides in comic book publishing, was established after his death. Will Eisner Week celebrates his 70 years of accomplishments and eight decades as a comic book artist.

Will Eisner Week was established by Will Eisner Studios, Inc. This company preserves and archives Will Eisner’s entire life. People travel from all walks of the globe to attend international comic cons every year during Will Eisner Week.

Comic cons are a place where Will Eisner studios founders meet comic con attendees to celebrate Eisner’s life and work. This week is an opportunity to share information about Eisner’s life and read his works. It also allows people to reflect on the historical significance and contribution to the huge Marvel comic fanbase today.

You can participate in the celebration by inviting your local library, comic shop, museum, or college to host a Will Eisner event. The Will Eisner website provides information about Eisner’s life and works.

Participate in a comic con which is hosting a Will Eisner event. Learn how to draw comics and create your own comic. Host a comic book party to celebrate the week with your friends.

Use the hashtag #WillEisnerWeek to share this holiday with your friends and family.


Mar 01 - 07 2024


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