Wobbly Wednesday

Wobbly Wednesday

Involuntary eye movement is a sign of visual pathway problems. Nystagmus can be described as involuntary movement. There are many types of sight impairment. Nystagmus can be a genetic condition that is associated with albinism. However, it can also be caused due to a variety of medical conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, or aniridia.

This Wednesday, Wobbly Wednesday, is your chance to find out more about this condition. One in 1,000 people is affected by Nystagmus. It can be a form or visual impairment that can happen at any age. It is the most common type of visual impairment among school-aged children in Britain. Nystagmus affects people throughout their lives. They may experience visual impairments and require support in education or employment.

The Nystagmus Network is the longest-running support charity in the world for people with nystagmus. The day’s purpose is to increase awareness about nystagmus (also known as wobbly eye syndrome). Schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals across the country host exhibitions, sponsored events, and lots of fun to spread the word about nystagmus.

It is a great way to celebrate Wobbly Thursday by learning more about the condition and understanding how it impacts the lives of those affected. You can also get in touch with local organizations that educate others about the condition and find out if there are any fund-raising events you can take part in.

You can often find different pamphlets and fliers that they provide that you can distribute to your friends and colleagues. These will explain the condition and its effects on those living with it. You have the opportunity to make these people’s lives easier by fundraising and making the world more aware of their struggles.


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