Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week is a holiday that aims to change the stereotypes women have about careers. It gives them new perspectives and opens up opportunities for advancement.

The National Association of Women in Construction founded Women in Construction Week. NAWIC was founded in 1953 by a group consisting of women who wanted to create a support network and help other women in the construction industry. Women in Construction Week was created by the NAWIC to bring together women.

The NAWIC has 120 chapters and more than 4,000 members. It aims to raise awareness about the role of women in construction and the importance of seeing construction as a new way to work.

According to NAWIC, the construction industry is experiencing a severe shortage of workers. This shortage will provide many opportunities for those who want to improve their skills and labor. This holiday is a great opportunity to convince women that it is important for them to get into engineering, architecture, trade and contracts.

Representatives for the holiday often speak to high school girls about the opportunities available in the construction industry. They encourage them to think beyond the traditional jobs that women see and to look at new possibilities to make a difference in their lives.

Volunteering at high schools is a great way to celebrate this holiday and encourage young women to do so.

As a member or a representative of your local construction company, you can help to develop a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. Talk to parents and create an information plan to help ensure their child’s safety. Also, talk to them about the many benefits that the construction industry offers.

You can also connect with other women organizations and share your experiences using the hashtag #WomeninConstructionWeek on your favorite social media websites.


Mar 06 - 12 2025


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