Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Recognize and celebrate the efforts of women in business who create opportunities and products, and make the world a better place.

In 2014, the first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was celebrated in New York City. Other events were held around the globe. In fact, the day was celebrated by 144 countries.

Wendy Diamond, an entrepreneur who had previously volunteered for a foundation that provides microcredit to Honduran women with low incomes, founded the day. Wendy, also known as Animal Fair Media founder and Pet Pioneer, decided to share her experience with others to encourage such causes.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, which was first celebrated in 2011, has received a lot of attention. It is an international event that has been acknowledged by Fortune Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and the United States House of Representatives.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards, in addition to celebrating events, aim to honor women who have demonstrated leadership in a variety of business ventures. The WED also has an ambassador program and fellowship program, which continues to provide opportunities for women around the globe.

Take part in celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by taking these steps:

Celebrate women in your community by gathering them together and celebrating their achievements at an event that honors and praises them. It could be an appreciation event or a charity drive, to recognize women who are entrepreneurs who have made a difference and to provide opportunities for women who need them.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day offers a chance to be inspired by world-class women entrepreneurs. They have much to share with the world, whether they are entrepreneurs or break through the glass ceiling. For those with limited time, a movie might be a good option. These books might be a good choice:


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