Work Your Proper Hours Day

Work Your Proper Hours Day

Sometimes overtime is necessary to pay the bills and keep food on the table in this unstable economy. But, working overtime for too long can have a negative impact on your health and make your life more difficult.

Work Your Proper Hours Day reminds people to relax every now and again and to make sure employees have fun at work, rather than struggling to survive.

The Work Your Proper Hours Day aims to give workers the opportunity to earn their own income and stop working overtime. This holiday was created by workSMART, which is a website that was founded by the Trades Union Congress of the United Kingdom. It aims to encourage workers to work the hours they are supposed to in order for them time with their families and friends, and, if necessary, get paid for any extra work they do. WorkSMART estimates that five million workers in the UK do overtime unpaid, putting in approximately 7.7 hours more than their regular work hours. This causes workers to lose PS31.2billion in work and leads to them losing their jobs.

Although most people are happy to work a few extra hours, TUC warns that overtime can pose a risk to your health. This includes increased stress and depression. TUC also claims that overtime is not good for employers due to the possibility of errors and inefficiency at work. WYPH Day takes the initiative to persuade chief executives, managers and employees to take care of their health and leave at the appropriate hours.

Take a break for lunch and then leave at the appropriate time. Managers and higher-ups can create a wellness program for their employees to improve employee happiness. Bring in a conversation with your co-workers about this topic and advertise this holiday on your company and personal social media websites using the hashtag #Workyourproperhoursday. You can save this idea for later if you are unable to plan immediately.


Feb 26 2025


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