World Afro Day

World Afro Day

World Afro Day is part a movement to promote positivity within the black and mixed-race communities. It all revolves around the afro hairstyle, which has been a cultural icon for hundreds of years and is also a part of cultural history for hundreds.

This day is about making everyone accept and beautiful the afro. Learn more about the history of the holiday and how you can celebrate it around the world!

World Afro Day was established to recognize the natural hairstyles of mixed-race black and brown people. It also celebrates the unique curls and kinks found in this culture. The afro is celebrated as part of cultural identity. Michelle De Leon, who founded this holiday, believed in history and heritage. She saw a way to change how people see the afro, and take pride in what it represents.

De Leon was the leader of the holiday in 2017, and she achieved more than 2.5 coverage views. This day was endorsed by both the Office of United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights and the London Mayor’s Office. In recognition of her efforts to bring pride back to the minority community, De Leon was invited by the United Nations at Geneva.

Although it was established in America, World Afro Day has gained significant attention and momentum around the globe since 2017. This day honors excellence in afro-related fields, and opposes the stigmas that create shame, isolation, and feelings of inferiority for people of color.

According to the World Afro Day main website ( , the beauty industry, in particular, creates beauty standards for women to have long, straight hair and considers it to be the epitome of success. World Afro Day seeks to overcome these biases through education and spotlight events that help people around the globe.

The event also serves as an education program, teaching children about afro hair culture and society so they can appreciate it at a young age. Empowerment, equality, empathy, and compassion through global networking is the theme of this day. It focuses on heritage, a new kind of beauty.

Happy World Afro Day

You can get involved in World Afro Day either very simply or deeply. These ideas will help you enjoy the day. You can also come up with other ideas.

If you feel the need to take part in World Afro Day then sponsoring local schools is an important activity. If you know of a local minority organization, please tell them about World Afro Day and let them know what you can do.

Parents and teachers can volunteer to help organize an event at their school that honors and pays homage to World Afro Day. Schools may encourage students to participate in “The Big Hair Assembly”, an online event hosted annually by World Afro Day. You can find the day’s website with free digital resource packs. The packet includes a letter asking schools to join and other content that organizers can use locally to promote their participation.

It’s difficult to see people in a world that views different people as “weird” when so many people are judging them. In modern times, diversity among people of different backgrounds is often met with discrimination or resistance.

It’s not just important to know the differences in skin color. You should also be aware of the unique characteristics of other cultures and ethnicities that are beautiful. Afro hair is the most beautiful feature in this instance. Recent evidence has shown that straight hair is more popular in society than textured hair.

It is a great idea to look at things that are unique or unusual and try to be positive about them, even if they are afro-haired. People with curly hair or textured hair may find it easier to accept it than to fight against it. You can embrace the beauty and uniqueness of afro hair, and start to see the world differently.

It’s important to let people who have textured hair know how beautiful it is, not just on this day but every day. Comment on the hairstyles of a friend or colleague. Social media can be used to make a statement about natural hair as beautiful. Encourage people with naturally textured hair to be more accepting of others.


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