World AIDS Vaccine Day

World Aids Vaccine Day is on May 18 2022

As we all know, AIDS and HIV is an ever present health issue in our society. As yet there is still no known vaccine that can be used to stem the flow of this deadly infection. To raise awareness of the continued need for a vaccine there is a day set aside every year that is known as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, or World Aids Day. It is held every year on May 18. As well as raising awareness of the need for a vaccine it also celebrates those that work towards this goal. All those who help victims of the infection also receive praise on this poignant day.

In 1997, during a speech made at Morgan State University, president of the day Bill Clinton asked for experts and scientists around the world to work towards creating a vaccine for AIDS. He said that this would be the only way to limit its spread and eventually wipe it out.

What Happens on World Aids Vaccine Day?

World Aids Vaccine Day takes place on May 18th. The first was observed on May 18 in 1998. One year exactly after Clinton’s speech. Every year since then the commemoration has take place. Activities are organised around the globe.

The aim of the activities is to raise awareness of the need for AIDS vaccines and to educate people about how HIV can be prevented. Ordinary people are reminded that they can also play a part in ending the pandemic.


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