World Aquatic Animal Day

World Aquatic Animal Day

It is easy to forget that most humans don’t actually live under water.

Vertebrates and invertebrates may both be aquatic animals. They can breathe in air, or extract oxygen from their skin or gills. They can live in freshwater or saltwater. Regardless of their differences, one thing is certain-aquatic creatures deserve to be appreciated and noticed!

World Aquatic Animal Day focuses on humans learning about and acknowledging the importance of all aquatic animals.

World Aquatic Animal Day, which was established in 2020 by Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School (Portland Oregon, USA), was started to raise awareness about the importance of aquatic animals for our ecosystems and societies. Aquatic animals are widely used all over the globe and are at risk from the interactions humans have with them or through the destruction of their habitats.

Other than ‘fish’, the aquatic animal category includes many other creatures such as starfish, corals and aquatic birds, amphibians, marine mammals, reptiles and more.

World Aquatic Animal Day was created to increase awareness and to encourage people to work together to develop policies, laws, education, outreach, and other measures that help these animals. This is so people can be more active in protecting these animals and learn about them. There are many ways to protect these animals, from plastic pollution to climate changes.

The first World Aquatic Animal Day was held in 2020. It attracted many organizations from all over the globe, including Canada and Chile, Australia, South Africa. Zimbabwe, Norway, Russia. Switzerland.

We hope that more people will get involved in the future. The more people involved, the better!

World Aquatic Animal Day celebrates the marine animals. There are many ways to do this!

It doesn’t have be boring to learn about aquatic animals. Deep-sea diving crews can help you to appreciate and see the many aquatic animals.

These documentaries are worth a look:

Invite your family and friends to join you in raising awareness about the need for aquatic animals. Use sea-themed decorations to make the party extra special. You can also play water-themed music (see below).

You can serve snacks and desserts that honor aquatic animals. This includes cupcakes decorated with gummy fish or goldfish cheese, graham crackers or cookies baked starfish shapes, or veggie platters organized in the form of rainbow fish.

For sea-themed parties, fruit treats are a great choice! You can easily make oranges look like an octopus. Simply peel eight pieces of orange and leave them sticking out at the bottom. Draw eyes using a non-toxic marker. You can creatively slice apples to make them look like crabs. Banana halves can be decorated with eyes and the stem can be cut to look like dolphins. You can also creatively carve watermelons to look like a sea turtle.

Events at work, school or clubs can help you get others involved in these issues. You can make posters, give lectures, or organize a charity event that is family-friendly to raise money for underwater wildlife funds. Do not forget to write letters asking for better regulations and rules to help protect these animals.

You can try these songs or other creative ideas.


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