World Arabic Language Day

World Arabic Language Day

Arabic is the most spoken language in the world, with 390 million people speaking it. It is also one the six official languages for the United Nations and the liturgical language for 1.6 billion Muslims. Arabic is fascinating because it is one of the few modern languages that can be written and read right-to-left. It has a rich history. We can all agree that Arabic deserves its own day for all these reasons.

The Arabic language, although it is the language of Islam has been around for over 100 years. Inscriptions for Arabic were first created in the 6th century AD. Arabic was initially based on the Aramaic alphabet, which was later modified over time to become its own distinct language. Muhammed’s language was chosen to be the new language of his religion in 632, when Muslims believed the Quran was revealed. The Quran, the holy book of Islam, was written in Classical Arabic. It is still used in religious ceremonies, sermons, and other rituals to this day.

Many poems and other works were written in Arabic by the 8th century. The majority of world’s countires use the Arabic numeral system. This has made Arabic a powerful language. Because of the many wars fought in the Middle Ages, the Arabic language has been a significant source of vocabulary for many European languages like English, Spanish, English and French. It also serves as a resource for non-European languages like Swahili or Uzbek. Many words English-speakers regularly use, such as cotton, guitar, and coffee, come from Arabic.

UNESCO established World Arabic Language Day in 2010 to promote cultural understanding and highlight Arabic as one the most important languages of the world. There are three types of Arabic today: Classical, Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic. The latter is used for publishing, education, and media in the Arab world. Colloquial Arabic is an everyday dialect that can be found in many different parts of the world and comes in many variations. Its elegant and flowing lines have attracted thousands of people from all walks of the globe to get tattoos in Arabic. This includes singer Christina Perri, actor Colin Farrell, and Zoe Saldana.

This day is best celebrated by improving your language skills. Many people who live in Europe or North America may not know what it sounds like. It is almost impossible to learn even small parts of this complicated language in a single day. However, that should not stop you from trying. Singing Arabic is a beautiful way to express your feelings.

You might like opera and Sarah Brightman’s “Harem” album is a great choice. It is a unique mix of opera and Arabian pop, with songs in many languages including Arabic. This album will allow you to get to know the sounds of Arabic and introduce you to Middle Eastern music instruments.


Dec 18 2024


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