World Autism Awareness Day

Around 1 in 150 children worldwide is affected by autism. This is a neurological disorder that impacts their ability to socialize and their ability to use verbal and nonverbal communication. There has been an increase of 30% in autism-related cases since 2012. World Autism Awareness Day helps raise awareness about this growing problem.

The United Nations established World Autism Awareness Day on December 18, 2007. The resolution 62/139 was a composite of four elements. All UN organizations and member states were invited to participate in the day. World Autism Awareness Day was established to raise awareness about autism in the community. It functions as an ongoing request to the UN Secretary General to send this message to the entire world, especially to all UN member states.

Autism’s history begins in the early 1900s, when European psychiatrists first diagnosed the disorder. At the time, it was still considered a form schizophrenia. Some of the most prominent individuals who contributed to the understanding of autism were doctors in the United States, Russia, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

Autism symptoms can manifest as early as childhood, but sometimes they appear as early as infanthood. Other times, signs may not appear until much later in life. This disorder is progressive and does not remit in most cases. The first signs usually appear around six months of age, and are well established by age two or three.

Autism does not have one characteristic. It is a combination of three distinct symptoms. The triad is characterized by difficulty in socializing, communication problems, and limited interests combined with repetitive behaviors such as body rocking, can-stacking or vocalizations.

Autism is no longer considered a single disorder. It’s now a spectrum of disorders that range in severity. This distinction was made in 1994. Autism is the foundation of all these syndromes, and its features are present in varying degrees across the spectrum. This includes disorders like Rett Syndrome or Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Asperger’s is the most well-known disorder on the list. This condition is characterized by Autism symptoms, but no impairment in language development.

Asperger Syndrome can cause problems in social interaction with peers. AS sufferers often miss common body language cues that are easily picked up by others on the Autism Spectrum. It is common for Aspergers to talk about the frustrations of interacting with people who are not on the Autism Spectrum. As AS people are often unfamiliar with these nuances, frustrations with communication often stem from them and other social queues.

Many people, just like everyone else on the Autistic spectrum will have areas of intelligence that are stronger than others. These areas are usually in reading, language, and spatial skills. Sometimes, they can even be classified as “gifted”. However, this seems to be balanced by delays in other areas.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to observe and celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. You can do it in a few minutes or a lot of effort. These are some ideas to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

Hosting an event with Autistic families in your community is a great way to raise awareness on World Autism Awareness Day. It brings together people who are experiencing the same struggles and joys as you. You can share your stories, encourage one another and make the day fun. This could be a great way to create community.

If you don’t have any friends or family who are on the autism spectrum, you can host an event to raise funds for Autism Speaks, The Autism Research Institute, The Autism Society of America or another charity that supports the care and support of people with autism. An Autism Walk is an excellent way to raise funds and take part.

You can also observe the day by contacting local businesses to ask them to put up blue lights in their buildings to show support for autistic people. Some people may even be interested in lighting up their homes. Put some blue lights in your porch light or hang some fairy lights.

People who wish to be involved on a personal level can wear blue. This includes wearing a blue shirt, dressing from head to tail, or simply wearing a simple blue ribbon to support the day.

It’s a great way to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day and raise awareness for the difficulties faced by those on the spectrum as well as their friends and families. It’s about learning to love and spread kindness to others who may be slightly different.

Spend World Autism Awareness Day learning about autism and sharing your thoughts with others. You can check out books at the library or do some research online. Spend the day trying to understand this unique group of people as well as the syndromes they suffer from.


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