World Backup Day

Did you back up your data last year? People, businesses and even games all lose valuable data every day because they don’t follow this simple procedure. World Backup Day reminds you to backup your files every year, even if it is only once per year. Backups are a backup copy of any files that you don’t want to use. It’s hard to imagine anything more frightening than losing your phone or your hard drive, then having thousands of irreplaceable photos or documents suddenly disappear from your computer.

It doesn’t matter how safe or secure your data and equipment are, it is important to backup your files. 30% of people don‚Äôt have any means to back up their files in case of disaster. There are many ways for things to go horribly wrong in today’s electronic world. 22 percent of all disasters are caused accidentally. This can cause significant financial and time losses as well as irreparable damage to the affected resources. Although you may think your computer is secure, 1 in 10 computers worldwide, including those in households and businesses, have been infected by a virus that can cause your entire data to disappear.

You say, “But my phone always on me!” Wonderful! This will make it much easier to be one the 113 stolen phones every minute. Many of us now live on our smartphones in this digital age. These electronic assistants can contain gigs worth of documents, photos, videos, music, and other valuable information. Are you willing to risk losing everything when backup options are readily available?

“Easy? “How do I back up my files and protect me?” That’s it! We’ve got the right questions now! There are many ways to backup your files. Most phones have some type of backup system. You can connect your iPhone to iTunes to back up your data. All you have to do is hook it up to your computer, and then update the files every day. It can be done as part of your charging process. Just plug it into your computer and set it to backup.

Android phones are intrinsically linked to Google. With the availability of Google Docs, Google backup and Google Docs, all your data will be tied into your profile. It’ll upload it to a secure location and allow you to choose which files to share. Google Docs is also a great way to save all your important files online. Google Docs is a great way to access your files from anywhere. You don’t have to wait for your system back up before you can get your important files back.

The ‘all-inclusive’ option is another option. There are many places that offer reviews on dozens of full backup options. You can take your time and browse them to find the one that is best for you. Keep in mind that if you only have one copy of your important files, you could lose them all. Don’t let this happen to you!


Mar 01 - 31 2025


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