World Baking Day

World Baking Day

Baking is an art that the world wouldn’t be the same without. There are many things you love about baking: delicious brownies, sweet tortes and decadent cakes. Is there anyone you know who can honestly say that they have no deep, unconditional love for any of these? We didn’t think so! It’s World Baking Day! Get out the rolling pin and make something delicious this World Baking Day. Send a sweet or savory gift to a neighbor, friend, colleague, or relative to show how much you care. Or just make something for yourself to enjoy at home. No matter how you celebrate, make this day unforgettable.

World Baking Day was founded by They felt it was time to share the joy of baking with everyone, even those who don’t do it often or aren’t very experienced. This day is intended to demonstrate how fun it can be for people to bake cookies or cakes, and to share the joy of baking with their loved ones. It’s also a lot of fun to eat the cake you made!

It is amazing that we have managed to survive so many years without a World Baking Day. There is evidence that baking has been around for more than 14,000 years. This proves that we can’t do without it. The first Jordanian bakers created flatbreads that they wrapped around meat, making it possible to create the first sandwich. The artisan baker was born in Roman times. Romans loved all things decadent and valued the pastry chef. Those who brought new baked goods to the globe were always in demand at banquets and feasts.

The United Kingdom saw baking become a commercial business by the middle of the Middle Ages. There were many rules and regulations that governed how bread was baked and sold. Everyone needs to eat so everyone with an oven could bake bread for their families. From the middle ages, the delicious and mouthwatering cakes that we enjoy today emerged for the elite of society.

The technology also allowed for better baking, particularly in the nineteenth century. It was also easier to preserve food, as people could order meats and milk from all over the country, rather than relying solely on their own chickens or cows. The invention of cans allowed for new innovations in baking. Vegetables and meat could be canned and shipped from countries like Australia.

During WWI and WWII, new baking innovations were introduced. Baking thrived in America during wartime, as more people came to the USA. Different flavors came from all over the globe to America, including Mexican Tres Leches and Italian Cannolis. Applesauce Cake was invented in 1942 when people couldn’t find any fat or eggs during wartime. It is still available today as an alternative to eggs and fat for vegan baking.

This event was possible because of the rise in prosperity that followed the war. This day is a chance to share your love of baking, eating, and making merry with family and friends.

This holiday doesn’t require you to be a pastry chef who specializes in fancy tortes. You only need a little flour and sugar, butter, and a sense for adventure. Baking is a wonderful hobby. There are literally thousands upon thousands of different recipes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Do you love chocolate? Make some brownies! Rocky Road Brownies combine the richness and crunchiness of chocolate with the softness of marshmallows. The best thing about brownies? You can make almost every recipe in one bowl.

You don’t have to be a foodie if you love baking. There are many baked goods that are good for you such as date and oatmeal muffins and apple-cinnamon bran muffins. Are you a parent of a curious child? Make some cookies with your child and share the joy of baking. For example, chocolate cherry thumbprint cookies are easy to make and fun to decorate. You can also make sugar cookies very easily and decorate them with sprinkles and icings. Are you more skilled at baking? There are many torte recipes you can learn from. Apricot Almond Torte is one example of a recipe that requires you to make your marzipan. Who wouldn’t love to learn how to make the perfect marzipan?

Are you a baker but prefer sweet to savory? You might bake bread or make those delicious pastries and pies that you all love. Your creations will be filled with delicious savory foods like cheese and meat. Are you vegan or vegetarian? Look through your favorite cookbooks for recipes that use flour, sunflower oil, salt, and applesauce. For novice savory bakers, crustless quiches can be a great way to incorporate delicious fillings quickly and easily.

You can visit your local bakery if you don’t have the time or desire to bake. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a cup or two of tea, a book and a slice of pie.

Invite your friends to bake with you if you want to share the joy of baking with your closest and dearest. This is a great excuse to share your cookies and cakes (or at the very least, the recipes). Ask them to bring along their favorite cookie cutters or recipe ideas so you can all cook up a storm in the kitchen. You can also order from your local bakery and have a competition to cook.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, ensure you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.


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