World Beard Day

World Beard Day

Since time immemorial, the beard has been the symbol of manliness. The beard is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. It can be neatly trimmed, full-grown, or well maintained. The beard is a symbol of masculine virtues in many cultures, such as wisdom, strength and sexual prowess.

There have been times and places when a beard was not fashionable or possible to grow. Many people and cultures have a lot of respect and admiration for those who choose to grow a beard. World Beard Day is a celebration of the beard, its history, evolution, and future.

Every September, millions gather in cities around the globe to celebrate the glory of men’s beards. There are many ways to celebrate the occasion.

It is believed that men didn’t begin shaving until around 4000 BC. This would mean that almost all men in history would have had a mustache. It was very useful for keeping warm and cushioning blows if you were caught in a tussle.

Although the origins of World Beard Day are lost to history, some historians believe there is evidence that the Danish Vikings held a day in honour of their beards as far back as 800 AD. In those days, the celebration of the beard did not have to be a single event. However, multiple celebrations could have been held in each region. Some celebrations seem quite bizarre when viewed from the perspective of modern times.

For example, take Donskborg in Sweden. Here, all men without a beard are expelled from the city to spend the day and night in the nearby forests. Their shamefully clean-faced faces are burnt in effigy at the hands of those with amazing beards.

A tradition in southern Spain has seen a boy and a man with a beard engage in a bout of boxing. If the man has a sharp pike, it is considered a boxing match.

No matter where you live, shaving on World Beard Day can be considered one of the most disrespectful acts of discourtesy. It is actually customary in certain places for men with beards to receive honor and wait on the feet of those without beards on World Beard Day.

It’s World Beard Day for all beard-bearing men and women, regardless of age, and for children and adults alike!

While the exact details of how World Beard Day is celebrated vary from one area to another, they all share one thing: The beard is highly valued, regardless of what is going on.

These are some ideas to enjoy World Beard Day.

Gather your friends and neighbors to celebrate all things beard-related. You can keep it small and have a backyard party, or invite the whole town.

You could have a parade of bearded people or a demonstration of beard-related products. The BBQ is the most manly of outdoor cooking methods. Drinks are always a hit, and everyone will enjoy a great meal.

These figures, real or not, were well-known throughout history. Their ability to sport a beard only added to the effect.

If you are a bearded person who is competitive, you might consider breaking one of these world records.


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