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Everyone agrees that reading is essential for children’s development. Many people don’t have the time or the desire to read due to the many challenges and difficulties that adulthood brings. There are many reasons why people don‚Äôt read, including lack of time, poverty and mental health issues.

Reading is an important activity because it offers relief from the stress and difficulty of everyday life. Reading can be a source of inspiration and education, as well as a way to escape stress.

But not everyone can see all the benefits of reading.

World Book Night is a movement to encourage adults to read at night. It also gives away books for free!

World Book Day is a long-standing tradition that offers children extra encouragement and opportunities to read more books. Some people wanted to create World Book Night as an opportunity for adults to read more books, but World Book Day was originally created for children.

World Book Night was founded in the United Kingdom in 2011. It was started by Jamie Byng, MD at Canongate. After he had shared his thoughts with others at the Book Industry Conference the previous year, he decided to make it a reality. This idea was a way for adults to read more, and it became a huge success within its first decade.

The day was moved from March, which is still associated to children’s World Book Day, to April in 2012 to coincide with UNESCO‚Äôs International Day of the Book. In 2012 and 2013, the holiday was celebrated in the United States. This day, more than 50,000 people donated books to others!

World Book Night was able to benefit from being a member of the Reading Agency in late 2013. This organization is focused on encouraging and helping others to read more books. Through the Reading Agency or World Book Night, thousands of books are distributed each year to individuals in hospitals, prisons and libraries as well as homeless shelters and their communities.

Bookshops have been able to increase sales and maintain their business by offering these books as giveaways. Volunteers travel to their communities to give out books and encourage others reading and a greater understanding of the world.

World Book Night, all together, is responsible for many people reading and giving books.

It can be fun and exciting to celebrate World Book Night. You can either go it alone, or with a group of avid readers (or wannabes). Enjoy World Book NIght by these creative means:

To celebrate World Book Night, volunteer at your local library or bookstore and give away free books. To find out if your local community hosts any World Book Night events, check in. Don’t be afraid if there aren’t, to start one.

The World Book Night website provides resources for anyone who wants to host their own book-night events. This includes social media resources and print logos.

Donate books to children in hospitals, care centers, homeless shelters, and child daycare centers. Ask your local bookstore if they can help you arrange for books to be donated to a worthy cause. You can order books in bulk online, purchase used books at a bookstore or collect them from thrift shops or garage sales to make it affordable. It is a wonderful way to read used books and to help protect the environment.

The whole spirit of World Book Day will be lost if people only participate in World Book Day activities and don’t take the time to read a book. You should also make the effort to relax and read a book at night.

World Book Night provides a reading list that each year can be used to help people make suggestions or get ideas about what to read next.

Reading doesn’t need to be lonely! These ideas will help you share this day with your family and friends:


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