World Cider Day

World Cider Day

Cider is made from fresh, juicy apples and has a loyal following. World Cider Day celebrates all types of cider, including the non-alcoholic varieties that are freshly pressed and the hard ciders made by hand.

This is not to be confused by Apple Cider Day, which is celebrated in November. It is instead in honor of World Cider Day, where all kinds of cider are enjoyed around the world!

Hard cider is a very popular drink, but its roots go back to early European colonial settlers. It was the preferred drink in the eastern United States, where apples were plentifully grown for a few centuries.

Unfortunately, cider’s popularity declined a little in 1800s. Then prohibition efforts in early 20th century brought an end to production. However, cider grew in popularity after craft brewing began to make a comeback in the late 1970s.

Woodchuck cider was founded in 1991. Since then, they have been making ciders that people love. In 2012, Boston Beer Company, the maker of Samuel Adams beer, turned its attention to their Angry Orchard Cider division. They quickly rose to the top.

World Cider Day is the culmination all this and more. It’s a day to celebrate the wonderful history of apples being turned into delicious cider that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

World Cider Day can also be celebrated with your family in a variety of exciting and fun ways. These are some ideas to get you started on celebrating World Cider Day.

World Cider Day is a great opportunity to grab a friend, coworker or colleague and head out to a pub or bar to try a new brand or flavor of hard cider. For those with younger family members, you can grab a gallon from your local grocery store or farm and enjoy it with them.

Many hard cider producers are becoming more creative in their recipes. There are many unexpected ingredients that can be found together: blackberry and lavender mixed in with local lemonade, ginger mixed with blood Orange and Lemon, or apple and starfruit. While some flavors may seem common in recipes, they can be unique when made into cider. These include peanut butter, jelly, and horchata, a Latin American nut milk beverage.

Apples might seem a bit bland to some people. There are so many varieties and types of apples that there is no way anyone can get bored. No matter what the options may be locally, you can try something new and exciting in celebration of World Cider Day.

Visit an apple orchard to celebrate World Cider Day. Pick up a bunch of apples while you’re there and then visit the orchard shop to purchase apple cider. They will have a wide selection of ciders that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Visits to apple orchards allow you to see how the cider is made and the process of making it into delicious drinks. Many apple orchards offer fun activities, games, and events for families. Make sure you check out the local calendar to see what’s happening and get involved in all that apple-y goodness.

Are you interested in how hard cider is made? A visit to a local brewery for hard ciders would be a great time. Some cider facilities allow the public to tour, while others offer tasting events and taproom experiences that are comparable to those in wine country.

You can visit a brewing plant in apple country, such as Farmhaus Cider in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. There you can even eat at their restaurant, host a private event or reserve an igloo for winter.

You can also take a tour to several cider producers, such as the one located in Washington’s Columbia River Gorge. Six cider producers are on the list, with taprooms and cafes as well as cideries.


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