World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day

You have the right to return any item you purchased. These rights are not something that is easily understood or enforced. Consumers International, an international organization, has raised awareness about these rights through World Consumer Rights Day.

Consumers International was established in 1960 to advocate for fair, safe, and sustainable consumer rights in a market dominated by multinational corporations. They cite President John F. Kennedy‚Äôs revolutionary address to Congress as the basis for their definition of consumer rights. Also, it is agreed that President Kennedy’s speech set the stage for making these rights more than words on paper. They would become enforceable rights.

World Consumer Rights Day was established in 1983 to encourage citizen action. Citizens have played a significant role in bringing about change on the market. They lobby for safer products and protections against harmful products and practices. The 8 fundamental consumer rights have been formulated over time by the consumer movement. These rights include the right of safety, satisfaction of basic needs and the right for redress.

Consumers International is home to over 200 members in 100 countries. They are a voice for consumers and champions in global policy-making forums as well as in the marketplace. They are independent of political parties and work independently to ensure that consumers are treated fairly.

Every year, World Consumer Rights Day chooses a theme to highlight. Some of the themes have been antibiotic resistance and healthier eating habits in the past. Look out for events that promote consumer rights or change in public policy to celebrate the occasion in your local community. It is all about mobilizing citizen action group across the globe. If everyone participated in helping their communities, they would be closer to achieving their goals.

You can also spend your day finding out the goals and then see if you can help. You can email, write or call your elected officials to help. It may be necessary to consider Washington and other capitals who are making policy. Consumers International is dedicated to ensuring that consumers’ voices are heard. Let your voice be heard and raise your voice!

In many ways, President John F. Kennedy was a pioneer. He made a profound impact on the world today when he addressed Congress in March and presented his plan to give consumers rights. Head over to and find out more about how you can take part in World Consumer Rights Day!


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