World Day of Bullying Prevention

World Day of Bullying Prevention

In recent years, bullying has become a major problem in schools. Although some people consider bullying and hazing to be part of the teenage experience, officials have taken a tough, zero-tolerance approach to bullying.

World Day Of Bullying Prevention will bring attention to the plights of those who were bullied in school, college, and later adulthood.

Bullying has been around for as long as human beings have existed, but two young men named Travis Price and David Shepherd decided they were fed up. Jadrien Cota, a student, made a crucial error in his first day of school. This was a typical day for any young boy beginning a school year. What was the result of this mistake?

He was wearing a pink shirt. A group of bullies noticed the shirt’s color in no time and began to give him trouble. David and Travis saw this and decided to stand up for bullying. They returned home with 50 pink shirts, and gave them to their schoolmates the next day. This encouraged everyone to stand up against bullying.

This practice quickly caught on and spread throughout the globe. In 2008, Gordon Campbell, British Columbia’s Premier, declared a provincial antibullying day. It continued to grow until 2012 when the United Nations made this a worldwide Anti-Bullying campaign.

A stand against bullying requires vigilance at home. Consider the bullying behaviors that you are engaging in, as well as the playful teasing you share with co-workers, friends, and classmates. It is possible that something you perceive as harmless could be interpreted as a harmful and malicious act.

Are you seeing bullying happening around you? Tell the bully to stop, and be a champion for them. Share information about bullying and listen to your friends and children if they are complaining about their school treatment. Bullying is a serious problem and World Day of Bullying Prevention gives us the opportunity to stand up against it.


Mar 10 2025


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