World Doll Day

They look almost like miniature people. They are able to identify themselves, their families, friends, homes, cars and tell whole stories about their lives. They were a source of entertainment for many years. They allowed us to express our feelings well before we could understand them.

They taught us important lessons about friendship, sharing, and helping others. They were there to help us through difficult, lonely times. They were an integral part of us becoming who and what we are today.

What is it we are referring to? Of course, dolls! We challenge you to find a toy that is as deserving of its own day as dolls!

Dolls have been an integral part of human civilization since thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that dolls are the oldest toy known. Dolls were created from clay, stone, wood and bone as well as ivory, wax and other materials.

In Egyptian tombs from the 21st Century BC, wooden dolls were found. Clay dolls were also found in the graves and tombs of Roman and Ancient Greek children. As children do today, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian children dressed their dolls in the most current fashions.

Ragdolls are typically made from leftover cloth material. Ragdolls from the 5th Century AD were found in the area of the Roman Empire that is now Great Britain.

Mattel’s Barbie is one of the most beloved dolls in modern times. The Barbie doll was first created in 1959. It has been constantly updated to meet the changing markets in many countries around the world. Each Barbie doll is carefully tailored to each region.

World Doll Day was established to recognize the immense contributions dolls make to the development and well-being of children all over the globe.

Do you live with a mountain of childhood toys in your attic? World Doll Day is the ideal day to take a stroll down memory lane with your sibling, or even just you.

As you think back to those rainy days, you will feel a wave of nostalgia as you recall all the fun times you had creating whole worlds out of just a few bits of plastic or material.

After you’re done looking through all the boxes, reminiscing and cleaning out your mind, you might find some dolls or other toys in good condition that you can donate to orphanages, charities, or hospitals for children, especially in the poorest parts of the world, where toys are considered a luxury.

Giving away old toys can be a great way to share the joy of your childhood with children who are less fortunate and also help them expand their imaginations. Alternately you can give your favorite doll to your child. It might be more valuable than the shiny new plastic dolls in every supermarket.

You might also find that some of your old toys have become collectibles and are worth a lot of money. Don’t throw away everything!


Nov 06 2024


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