World Ego Awareness Day

World Ego Awareness Day

Everyone knows someone with an overinflated ego. While we all know what Ego is, it seems that we don’t understand how dangerous this phenomenon can be. World Ego Awareness Day allows us to reflect on our ego and share our experiences with others to see how much of our perceived ego conflicts with ours.

In 2018, the first Ego Awareness Day was established with the intention of helping people with advanced egoism to see the world with a humbler perspective. Egoism can lead to abuse, blindness to reality, and a misperception of how people interact with them.

It’s important that you and your family be aware of the Ego Awareness Day. Egoic minds can lead to all kinds of problems, both internal and external.

History has documented the negative effects of the ego on our daily lives. Many spiritual movements have been founded upon the elimination of the ego, including Buddhism. This condition can have significant effects on the lives of people and those who are around them, even without spiritual trappings.

Understanding your Ego and how it affects your relationships with others is the first step. Egoism can cause us to harm others by trying to control our ego and reacting to the ego of others. Although egoism is not a common condition, it can be present in some people. World Ego Awareness Day is dedicated for those who are affected on a clinical level.


Nov 05 2024


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