World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day

While we in the first world may take our coffee, jeans, sneakers, and bananas for granted here, there are many others in other countries. Every day, thousands of people from various Asian, African, and South American countries work in almost unbearable conditions to earn pennies to continue to enjoy these things.

There are many people around the world who believe that everyone should have decent wages and work conditions regardless of their location. This is why World Fair Trade Day was created. World Fair Trade Day, a worldwide event, aims to bring attention to the Fair Trade movement’s achievements and objectives.

Fair Trade is a movement that promotes the rights of small producers and workers, particularly those in developing countries. It also raises their visibility and makes them more visible within international trade. Fair Trade consumers are invited to join the movement by choosing Fair Trade products over existing ones.

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which was established World Fair Trade Day in 2004, created it, though the WFTO existed 15 years before that in 1989.

WFTO is a global organization of 324 organisations from over 70 countries. World Fair Trade Day is an inclusive festival celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution in the fight against poverty, exploitation, climate change, and the greatest economic crisis that has the most impact on the world’s most vulnerable population.

The top ten priorities of the WFTO are:

WFTO believes the global crisis is a reminder of the importance of a sustainable and fair economy both locally and globally. Trade must be beneficial to the most vulnerable people and provide sustainable livelihoods for small and disadvantaged producers.

Fair Trade has seen a significant increase in global sales thanks to millions of traders and producers, as well as businesses and policymakers.

You may not be able tell if a product is Fair Trade when you buy it. There are some indicators you can look for. A number of organizations can certify fair trade products on a non-profit basis. The Fair Trade Federation, for example, will often certify artisan handicrafts. It is important to be familiar with all the labels used to certify fair trade products.

Many products can be purchased online today. Even if they’re not, most companies have a website. It is a smart idea to look online at the company and visit their website. A good business will provide detailed information on their fair trade policies. They will be open about their relationships with vendors and will be willing to educate you about fair trading. It is also worth checking if they are members of WTFO or another similar organization. This will help you determine if they are fair trade.

World Fair Trade Day should be celebrated, we are certain. It helps create a better world. Workers and their families can live better lives if they are paid fairly. A fairer, healthier world is good for everyone. It allows us to see the injustices around the world and helps us all to fight for better.

Fair trade is also a way to help our planet. Because businesses that don’t adhere to fair trade standards tend to produce products at unsustainable rates, which can cause a lot of environmental damage. Fair trade is founded on respecting the environment. This is particularly important in the context of climate change.

World Fair Trade Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe by events that recognize the contributions of Fair Trade initiatives. The events often involve food and art and are meant to be a fun and colorful reminder of the achievements of Fair Trade initiatives to date and to encourage consumers to look into Fair Trade options when shopping.

You can participate in this day by researching the working conditions of people around world. This will give you a broad idea of how these people live. It is likely that you will be surprised at the chain of things you use every day. However, awareness is the first step to breaking any type of chain.

Next, you should spread awareness among your friends and family. Sharing information on Facebook or Twitter can help as well, as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 proved.

You’re sure to find an event in your area for World Fair Trade Day. You can host your Fair Trade Day if you are unable to do so or if you prefer hosting one yourself. It’s a great idea to fundraise at any time of year. World Fair Trade Day is the perfect day to start. You can raise money for Fair Trade by organising a chocolate tasting, bake sale or fun run. Regardless of whether you raise funds for Fair Trade or raise awareness about the issue, you will do your part.


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