World Fish Migration Day

World Fish Migration Day

Many species of migratory fish are in serious danger. Man-made barriers like dams and weirs and sluices are the main culprits. They disrupt the natural flow and stop fish migration. Many fish require migration to survive, reproduce, and feed their families. The migration of migrating species is a critical link in the food chain. They also play an important ecological role within productive river systems. They also provide food and livelihood to millions of people all over the globe.

Six organizations formed a partnership to create the World Fish Migration Day to raise global awareness about the facts and the importance of natural river networks. Many private and non-profit companies and organizations sponsor and support the WFMD. Find out more about our Sponsors and Partners.

WFMD’s concept is that all organizations around the globe volunteer to host their own events around the common theme CONNECTING FISH RIVERS AND PEOPLE. Working together can increase our impact on raising awareness, exchanging ideas, and securing commitments. We can create a stronger driving force that will enable easier management, conservation and rehabilitation of migratory fishing stocks.


Aug 07 2023


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