World Freedom Day

Freedom is something many people take for granted. It includes the freedom of religion, choice, and the ability to have a romantic relationship with someone you love. There are many places around the globe where these freedoms aren’t available to the majority of people. They are forced to live empty and unfulfilling life to ensure their rulers don’t throw them in jail or worse.

If you don‚Äôt understand what it means to be afraid of speaking your mind, you might consider yourself lucky to live in a country where liberty is both a basic human right and a priority. As with all good things, liberty deserves to be celebrated. That’s why World Freedom Day exists.

Many people find it crazy to imagine a world without freedom. Many people have lived with freedom throughout their lives. For many people, however, this is not true. It is crucial that we recognize this and look for ways that we can make things better.

In commemoration the fall of Berlin Wall, World Freedom Day was created. This date isn’t so much about the wall as it was, but rather about what it represented. This wall fell, symbolizing the end of communism in Central and Eastern Europe.

Germany was split in two at the end of World War II. There was West Germany, and East Germany. East Germany was ruled by the Soviet Union. French, British and American forces occupied West Germany. After the Second World War ended, East Germany was made a nation.

When you take into account completely different leadership styles, the living conditions in West and East Germany were vastly different. In West Germany, which was capitalist, economic conditions were thriving. In communist East Germany however, the reverse happened. Many Germans fled to West Germany in order to escape the harsh and difficult conditions of communist leadership.

Between 1949 and 1961, East Germany saw a staggering three million people leave. The Soviet Union was left in an extremely difficult position. They threatened to use nuclear weapons in order to overtake West Germany.

Soldiers erected concrete posts and barbed wire in 1961 to create a physical barrier between East and West Berlin. People in Berlin realized that even though they had relatives or jobs, they wouldn’t be able go to the other end of the city.

To make sure no one could cross it, the 91-mile wall was surrounded by watchtowers, minefields and electric fences.

In 1989, East German travel restrictions were significantly reduced after a new leader was elected. People were again allowed to cross into West Berlin via East Berlin. This led to thousands of people descending upon the wall after they realized that the 1989 borders had not been closed. They began to use hammers, chisels, and sawed the wall down piece by piece.

In 1990, Germany was again unified as a single country. The West and East were reunited. Although the matter may appear resolved in Germany, it does not mean freedom is not at risk. There are many tyrants around the globe who attempt to manipulate the monetary sector, use violence or use other forms power to take control of various areas. This is why World Freedom Day has become so important. It is important to bring awareness to the various issues around the globe and fight for those who are most in need.

The Federal observance of the Fall of the Berlin Wall is the World Freedom Day. President George W. Bush designated the day in 2001 to commemorate the fall of communism in Eastern/Central Europe. It was established to commemorate the reunion of loved ones who were separated by the Iron Curtain or differing ideologies. In the end, it serves to recognize that the determination of the masses can shift borders, break unfavorable resolutions, and ultimately decide the type of leadership they want to live in a more free and fair society.

Depending on who is celebrating, there are many ways to celebrate the day. Conservative groups like the College Republicans or Young America Foundation encourage students and others to celebrate the day with activism projects and flyer campaigns. Political activists and commentators, on the other, see the day as a chance to recognize President Ronald Reagan as one the most important personalities in the fall of the Soviet Union.

Don’t worry if you don’t live in the United States, and cannot participate in the political activities described. You still have many ways to celebrate this day. It is worth reading up on Ronald Reagan, regardless of nationality. But there are many other people who played important roles in the fall communism. Margaret Thatcher, also known as the “Iron Lady”, was a woman who worked with Reagan to discredit the Communist regime.

Another example of someone who was instrumental was Karol Wojtyla (more commonly known as Pope John Paul 2), a Pole. The pope encouraged ordinary Poles and East Europeans to forget their fears of Soviet Communism and convinced them that liberation was possible. Her country’s economy was restored by the prime minister, who revived the “vigorous virtues of the British people”. The president restored America’s military power, its national morale and its leadership position in the free world.


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