World Gin Day

World Gin Day

The history of distillated spirits is long and rich. Although spirits have been used medicinally for centuries, only one spirit was originally made to be a medicine. It then became a mixer for one the most important medicines of all time. This smooth, delicious drink is made from the Juniper berries. It can be traced back to Jenever, an older Danish drink.

Gin Day was founded by the Gin Monkey, England’s connoisseur of juniper-based drinks. Emma, the Gin Monkey, is a big fan of cocktails and has worked in numerous bars throughout London, Newcastle, and Leeds. This experience was transferred to the streets, and she set up her Gin Monkey website with the intention of saving bar-hoppers the hassle of finding the worst alcohol joints.

After finding it difficult to find anything worthwhile to drink in London when she arrived, she decided that someone needed to fix this problem. She has been a tireless advocate for independent and impartial opinions about the local gin shops.

Gin has a long history of being used as medicine, or at least as a way to make medicine more appealing. Quinine is made from the ground bark of the Cinchona tree. It can be used to treat malaria. Quinine was bitter so gin was used. This flavor was popularized and the Gin and Tonic still contains just a little bit of quinine to recreate the original flavor.

Neil Houston, a gin enthusiast, was the one who started World Fin Day. Neil Houston was already a huge fan of gin and wanted to make it more accessible to everyone. It looked at the time that other spirits might overtake gin. He and Emma Stokes, the “Gin Monkey”, teamed up to create the first World Gin Day in Birmingham to promote gin bars. They launched a similar event for London in 2010 and have been celebrating the juniper-based beverage like clockwork since then.

World Gin Day began as a small event in 2009. It has grown tremendously since then. Things have really grown over the past few years. The organizers had reached over 200 million people on social media and held events in more then 30 countries at the last count.

The event organizers now organize a wide range of events, including tastings and lectures about the origins of the drink. The day’s most prominent figures also host masterclasses where they teach participants how to make cocktails. Bartenders can also take professional courses.

Celebrate Gin Day by getting straight into it and trying out some of the amazing gin-based drinks. Buzzfeed has a great list of amazing drinks. Don’t forget about the Gin Monkey for the latest list of top places to enjoy a delicious cocktail. Gin Day is the best day, other than tomorrow, to enjoy a good Gin Cocktail.

To celebrate Gin Day, you can go to a local gin bar and sample a variety of cocktails and mixers. The best places offer unique “house drinks” that you won’t find anywhere else. There are many variations of the classic drink gin and tonic.

You don’t have to travel to participate in World Gin Day events. Many local gin companies organize street parties that allow people to sample local spirits. These events often offer food and opportunities to improve your cocktails-making skills.

The event organizers have expanded their activities around the globe. There are many activities available, including taste-testing, gin-related treasure huntings, pop up markets that focus on Gin, and garden parties. Visit the World Gin Day official website to see what’s happening in your area.

You can also make your own gin beverages at-home. You can find dozens of traditional and modern recipes that you can copy. Red Lake is an example of a gin cocktail made with 1.5 oz Monkey47 Gin, raspberry syrup, lime juice, and other ingredients. Feeling Blue, a cocktail made with 2 oz Gin, grapefruit bitters and tonic water, is similar.

Gin is one the most important spirits in the world. It’s the base for many of our most exquisite drinks. It is possible to learn about the subtleties and tastes of each producer, just like wine.

Remember to be responsible when celebrating World Gin Day. Do not drink to excess!


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