World Hamster Day

World Hamster Day

World Hamster Day is a great way to show your love for your pet hamster. You all know about hamsters’ ability to squeeze in three courses and more into their tiny cheeks. But did you know that there is a whole day just for them? You now know! You can celebrate your friend any day of the year. But for World Hamster Day, why not give them a carrot and a party hat?

There are 24 species of hamsters in the world. They also come in different sizes. Imagine a hamster measuring 34 cm in length. That’s the size that the European hamster, the largest species, can grow. They are small, cuddly and short-haired, but they can grow to be quite large.

From the German word Hamster, “Hamster” means “hoard,” which is what our adorable rodent friends do. They use their cheek pouches to store and carry food which they then stash away in their burrows. Sometimes their eyes are too big for their stomachs, or rather their cheeks. Their pouches expand in size and they can’t squeeze through their tunnels or hamster houses.

They are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn or dusk, and by and large are solitary animals. However, they can be prolific breeders. Hamsters are curious creatures so cages that house them must be strong and secure.

Hamsters have been around at least 15,000,000 years. However, they were not domesticated until the 20th Century. Israel Aharoni, a zoologist, set out on an expedition in April 1930 to find Syrian hamsters hidden in a cornfield. The 13 captured critters were then bred to create the first domesticated Hamsters. In fact, the entire population of Syrian hamsters (also called golden hamsters), are descendants of the original group.

The popularity of pet hamsters spread quickly to the United States and UK. However, they are still found in the wild in many European and Asian countries, including China, Belgium, Greece, and China. Unfortunately, the wild Syrian hamster has been declared an endangered species.

The Syrian variant is the most common household hamster, although dwarf hamsters are also quite popular. They are used as laboratory subjects for various medical conditions, such as lung cancer and gallstones.

These amazing animals are deserving of a day off!

The Hamster Dance was an early example of these beloved pets in popular cultural culture. It was an internet meme that first emerged in late 1990s. The meme features a shortened version of Disney’s Robin Hood song, “Whistle Stop”, which sees many hamsters dance to the catchy beat. In 2000, a full-length version of “The Hampsterdance Song” reached the top spot on the Canadian charts.

The UK’s betting agencies started hamster racing in 2001 to replace horse racing events cancelled by the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. It is still very popular today. The hamster racing event is a miniature Formula 1 race. Participants race down the course in their hamster balls which are sometimes enhanced to increase speed. The spectators cheer for their favorite victor and place wagers.

These furry friends have been featured in many movies. The Nutty Professor reveals that a clever scientist’s weight loss experiment on a Hamster ends up creating a gigantic hamster who goes on a rampage. Bolt, another great film, stars Rhino, a hamster dressed in a ball as one of the main characters. He helps Bolt, an ill-informed dog, with a misguided rescue mission. This is an inspiring way to fall in love and watch hamsters become best friends.

You may be curious about World Hamster Day and how to celebrate it. There are many ways to show your pet hamster extra love if you don’t already.

Make a tasty salad for yourself and your friend! Use any or all of these ingredients to make a delicious salad.

Make sure that everything is small enough for your hamster friend to enjoy. You can layer fruits and vegetables in a bowl to give your hammy different textures and tastes.

Add new toys to your hamster’s enclosure to increase the enjoyment. Hamsters love to have fun and are excited to see new things in their environment. So get a natural hamster toys to share the joy with them.

Have a photoshoot complete with your little hamster pal. You can use your camera to take close-up shots of the hamsters. You should not use flash and set your alarm to ensure you are ready to capture photos of your crepuscular friend while they sleep.

Check to see if any events are taking place in your area. Hamster shows allow owners to show their hamsters, and attendees can get to know other hamster lovers. After all the games and fun, you can relax on the couch and enjoy a hamster movie. To learn more about these adorable creatures, you could also record a documentary. This is a great way to end World Hamster Day.


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