World Hello Day

World Hello Day

Although World Hello Day sounds very basic, it encourages us all to greet others and recognize the importance of simple communication in our everyday lives. It is an interesting and long story.

World Hello Day was established in 1973 to help people and especially people from the Middle East understand that communication is the best way to resolve conflicts. Clear, honest communication is key to peace. Many people began to worry about another war in the 1970s after the tension between Egypt and Israel became so severe that they started to fear another conflict.

World Hello Day was actually created in response to the Yom Kippur War, which had just ended in October 1973. During this war, thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed. Some soldiers were also tortured and even executed.

At the end of the war, the peace talks were the first time in 25 years that Arab and Israeli officials had met for open public discussion. Brian McCormack (a Ph.D. graduate from Arizona State University) and Michael McCormack (a graduate from Harvard) created the concept of World Hello Day. World Hello Day was established in 1972. Since then, it has been observed in 180 countries. This is because citizens from each country take the opportunity to voice their concern for world peace.

The Nobel Peace Prize’s 31 winners have said that World Hello Day has significant value as an instrument to preserve peace and an opportunity for everyone to participate in creating peace.

It is easy to participate in World Hello Day. All you need to do is to say hello to at most 10 people for that day. This small gesture is meant to convey a message to others of openness, goodwill and understanding. The creators of World Hello Day hoped that it would be a way to show how communication can help in solving disputes and preventing conflict.

You could also think of a friend or family member that you are close to, but have lost touch with because of something. The healing power of time is often found in time. If enough time has passed since your conflict, and you are able to see all aspects of it, and to recognize your faults and wrongdoings, perhaps it’s time for you to move on.

Many people don’t realize how great it feels to admit that you are wrong and apologize. Instead, they view such behavior as a sign of weakness and not strength. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that apologizing to someone will make them less respectible. People will be more open to you admitting that you are wrong than if they insist on your correctness. Although it may seem daunting, if you care enough about the person you fought with, it will be worth the effort to move forward and offer your hand in peace.


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