World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day

Statistics showed that homelessness has been on the rise since 2005, when the United Nations attempted a global survey. It was found that over 100 million people are currently homeless and that at least 1.5 billion people lack adequate housing.

This is why World Homeless Day was established.

World Homeless Day was the result of conversations between aid workers from around the globe, all of whom were working to help the homeless in their countries. The slogan for the day is “locals act locally on global day”.

It is important to give hands-on assistance that is sensitive and local, as well as being aware of global homelessness and feeling solidarity among other charity workers.

Data shows that homelessness has been on the rise for at least ten years. Find out how you can make a difference in someone’s life by observing this day.

Many people can help raise awareness in their own communities for homeless on this day. Fundraisers and grassroots campaigns work at the local level while taking advantage the global platform’s increased visibility and solidarity.

This Day is an opportunity to educate others about the homeless in your area, the infrastructure available to assist them, and the ways it can be improved.

World Homeless Day celebrations and fundraisers can be turned into profits that will benefit the homeless even after the Day ends. It is great to get the community to educate one another about the issue. Adding an opportunity to raise funds is even better. A car wash, raffle, formal dinner, or Sunday brunch can all be organized. You can host a birthday party, hold a 5K run, or have a bake sale. There are many ways to get people involved in helping others who need housing assistance.

Homelessness is a major problem in Western countries, and it is also one of the most urgent social problems today. Homelessness is often caused by rising housing costs, especially in high-cost countries like England, Ireland, and Belgium.

However, in many places there are risk factors that prevent people from being able long-term housing. This information can help those in a relationship with someone at risk. These are some of the risk factors that can lead to chronic homelessness:

Sometimes it is necessary to help meet an immediate need, which can reduce or even prevent certain risk factors. While it might be tempting to let someone with a cardboard sign stand on the street and ask for money, most people will give more to charities that can better use their funds. These charities are staffed with professionals who are committed to ending homelessness.

These are trustworthy charities that you can donate to or volunteer your time to:


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