World Humanist Day

A philosophy of belief suggests that humanity is not just a puppet of some deity or subject to metaphysical oddities or creatures of their own design. Humanism, on the other hand, believes that we are all whole and that good behavior and civility can be reliant only on a genuine and sincere desire to be decent people. This philosophy emphasizes the importance and responsibility of individual responsibility. If we act as monsters, then it is us who are monsters. There is no “The Devil Made Me Do That”. World Humanist Day is a celebration of this ideology and all those who practice it. It brings reason and science into the world of faith or irrationality.

World Humanist Day, which is celebrated on the June solstice (the day after the sun rises), is an international gathering of individuals and organizations that value science and rationality over the supernatural and divinity. The day was created by members of the American Humanist Association in 1980. It is considered the only holiday that allows for free thought around the globe. It has seen rapid growth in recent years and has even been covered on television in some countries.

It is celebrated in different ways across countries. Some groups host parties while others prefer conferences and activism. World Humanist Day’s main purpose is to increase public knowledge about scientific methods and dispel old myths. World Humanist Day is supported by many well-known figures, including Richard Dawkins (evolutionary biologist), Phillip Pullman (best-selling author), AC Grayling (philosopher), and Tim Minchin (comedian).

World Humanist Day can be celebrated in the best possible way: by focusing on your agency as a human being. What is it that drives you to be decent? Do you fear being punished by a higher power? Is it a fear that you’ll be punished by a higher power? Is it that treating others with respect and decency is all that is needed? World Humanist Day invites you to pose these questions and to take the time to help others.


Jun 21 2024


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