World Hunger Day

Everyone Deserves to Eat, Support World Hunger Day 2022

It has been estimated that almost 800 million people in the world don’t have enough food to eat. This is quite a staggering figure. In 2011, The Hunger Project started an initiative known as World Hunger Day. Celebrating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty is the aim of this day.

What is The Hunger Project?

It is a global organisation committed to finding a tenable solution to world hunger. Leaders of this organisation include business executives, heads of state and experts in women’s rights and social justice. It was founded in 1977 and is a worldwide, non-profit group of like-minded people.

What You Can do to Show Your Support

One of the most obvious ways is to make a donation to the The Hunger Project Trust. Money raised will go to help both men and women in developing countries become agents of their own development. There is a Social Media Toolkit that can be used for sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can tell your friends about World Hunger Day and ask for their support.

Are You Brave Enough to Try a Week Without Sugar?

Anyone interested in showing their support is being encouraged to give up sugar for one week. That means no added, processed sugar or artificial sweeteners. It won’t be easy but is a good way to show support for all the millions of people around the world who live below the poverty line and go to bed hungry every night.

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