World Hypopara Awareness Day

World Hypopara Awareness Day

World Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day 2022 is an international annual awareness day that is held on June 1st, which is the designated day for the event each year.

This event is run internationally by a cooperation of the following charities, with other organisations supporting them, The Hypoparathyroidism Association Inc., The Hypopara UK, The Nordic HPTH Organisation, The Bahrain Hypoparathyroidism Society, and InSeNSU. The Hypoparathyroidism Association Inc are the founders, with the other organisations joining them.

Hypoparathyroidism is a rare condition, affecting 4 in 15,000 people, and which is often misdiagnosed and not well understood. The condition affects the body’s production of parathyroid, a hormone that regulates the body’s levels of calcium and phosphorus, the condition has to be monitored and treated with supplements and medication. One of the main issues is very low calcium levels, affecting the strength and development of bones, teeth and nails as well as affecting the nervous system.

The condition can affect children and adults, and it is seen in males and females equally. There is no known cause of the disease, except that in some cases it is triggered by neck surgery, and there is no cure.

Sufferers of Hypoparathyroidism struggle to get diagnosis and the necessary treatment, which is why an awareness day is vital. The day provides education and awareness to the community, sufferers and health professionals.


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