World Jellyfish Day

World Jellyfish Day

While World Jellyfish Day might sound odd to some, it makes perfect sense to honor an invertebrate who has lived on the planet for millions of more years than we have. This event is to celebrate our slimy cousins who can sometimes cause some consternation at beaches.

Many people believe that World Jellyfish Day’s informal origins likely came from enthusiastic marine biologists or simply those who just love these beautiful and strange creatures. Jellyfishes are most abundant in the southern hemisphere. These jellyfish can be found in Australia and South Africa, where they are often seen on beaches.

World Jellyfish Day is scheduled to fall in springtime in southern hemisphere. This is when jellyfish migrate to the northern shores.

It can be difficult to remember this day. It’s impossible to take a jellyfish to dinner or to spend a day at the spa. One fun idea is to simply go to the beach hoping to catch a glimpse of one. These are some other ways to enjoy World Jellyfish Day.

This day is all about you. Learn more about the Jellyfish by listening to it. These fun facts are great for sharing with your friends to remind them of World Jellyfish Day.

While jellyfish can be dangerous, certain species of jellyfish can be kept as pets. Jellyfish are saltwater creatures and can be more difficult than your average goldfish, but they can live happy lives for several months to several decades if taken care of properly.

Visit an aquarium to get up close and personal contact with jellyfish and sea-faring companions. You can either visit one in your area or take a day trip to one of these aquariums, which are regarded as some of the finest in the world.


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