World Jump Day

World Jump Day

There are many ideas to combat global warming. World Jump Day is just one. The day’s purpose is to change the Earth’s orbit, extend daylight hours, and create a more uniform climate around the globe.

Torsten Lauschmann (German artist) promoted the idea and scheduled the first World Jump Day for July 20, 2006. He claimed that 600 million people would jump simultaneously in the Western Hemisphere. Although this was a joke, it served to remind people about the dangers of global warming.

Earth is 100 trillion trillion pounds in weight. The average human weight is 137lbs. This multiplied by 600 millions equals 8,220,000,000 pounds. It is difficult to calculate the pound-force of this figure. However, 600 million people would jump simultaneously (if anyone could organise the event), and it would not make any difference to Earth’s orbit.

But, hey, it’s fun. Jump!


Jul 20 2024


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