World – Let’s Stop Shouting Day

World Let’s Stop Shouting Day shares ideas and strategies to help build better bonds with the people you love (and errrr …… kinda hate).

– Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact shouting has on our relationships, physical and mental health.

– To open the conversation around shouting

– How shouting can escalate day to day situations and frustrations into angry outbursts, violence and in some instances death even.

– We share free online tools to help individuals, families and communities de-escalate angry situations and learn strategies to communicate with kindness, calmness and clarity instead.

– We are a 10,000 plus community of therapists and parents who are committed to improving our mental health.

This day has been created by Watoto Play Ltd – makers and creators of digital mental health tools and resources in celebration of the launch of My CC Toolkit – a creative practice management software solution for mental health therapists, educators and social whose aim is to engage and empower their audience.


Jun 11 2024


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