World Letter Writing Day

World Letter Writing Day

Communication was only possible in two ways for hundreds of years. You could either have a conversation with someone, or you could write a letter to get it delivered by courier. Because each letter carried the mark of its author, it was intimate in nature.

A mailed letter could include everything, from subtle scents from your home and perfume to snippets from your garden. Digital media doesn’t have the same personal touch as the old methods, so World Letter Writing Day allows you to recall the magic of hand-written letters.

World Letter Writing Day celebrates the old form of communication, letter writing. World Letter Writing Day is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and communicate with people you have not spoken to in a while. You can also think before you write. Modern communication forms don’t encourage us to think and reflect before we communicate with others. A letter is a great way to do this.

Richard Simpkin established World Letter Writing Day to honor the joy and excitement that he experienced when a handwritten letter arrived in his mailbox. He developed a love for the handwritten word through a project called “Australian Legends”. He would send letters to anyone he thought was an Australian Legend, with the intention of setting up a photo session and personal interview. It was amazing to receive a letter from a legend with his personal touch. Digital communication is much more collectible than hand-written letters.

Grab a pen and paper, and get started writing! It can be difficult to choose someone to write to, but it is possible to pick a friend or family member at any age. It can be a new experience for young people to receive a personal, written letter. It can be saved and kept forever. You can’t keep a digital email.

You can also send it to your grandparent or parent if you don’t have any other options. Although phone calls are great, they can be quite costly and it was expensive to send letters through the mail. Use World Letter Writing Day as an opportunity to improve your writing skills and show your loved ones that you care.

However, you don’t need to send the letter to a family member or friend. There are many other options. A letter of encouragement could be written to patients at your local hospital. This could bring a smile to someone’s face, and encourage them to persevere through difficult days. A letter of appreciation could be written to an older mentor, or a thank you letter to someone who has served or is serving in the Military. You could also write a thank-you letter to a doctor, dentist, or physical therapist who has made a significant impact on your life. A thank-you letter can make a big difference and let the recipient know that you are appreciated.

You can also write a letter for your future self. Many people enjoy writing letters to their future self. It’s possible to write about your current favorite things and what your life is like right now. You can keep the letter safe in a place you can access it later. It could be given to a friend, asking them to keep it safe until they reach a certain age. You could also write a letter to your pest self, reminding them of the lessons learned.

Calligraphy can also be a way to celebrate World Letter Writing Day. It’s obvious that letters look better when they’re written in beautiful ways. Calligraphy can be described as the art of handwriting or decorative lettering using a pen or brush. Calligraphy pens can be purchased online. There are many tutorials and videos available to help you get started.

You will need to use your newly acquired skill in calligraphy to make a lasting impression. You can find a variety of papers at your local stationery store, including different weights and colors. If you want to make a lasting impression on the person receiving your letter, you might consider buying some old-fashioned sealing wax. This will allow you to seal your initials on it. This will impress.


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