World Lion Day

World Lion Day

Lion Day is a day to celebrate the magnificent hunter, the ultimate feline and the big fluffy cat of the Serengeti.

It’s basically about lions but you probably know that because of the name.

Big Cat Rescue, the largest sanctuary for big cats in the world, created this celebration to honor the most fearsome and beautiful creature of the animal kingdom. August 10th is an international day where people can come together to honor the great lion. Although it is a great occasion, the foundations of the event are serious. Lion numbers have drastically declined to the point that the species must be placed on an endangered list.

Co-founders Beverly Joubert and Dereck Joubert are husband-and-wife who have a passion to save big cats. The initiative was started by Dereck and Beverly Joubert in 2013. It brought together National Geographic and Big Cat Initiative under one banner to help protect remaining big cats in the wild.

Panthera leo, also known as lions, is the second largest cat in the world. They are just behind the Asian Tiger. These enormous creatures, which weigh between 300 and 575 pounds, have captured the imagination of people for centuries. Their speed and muscle power has inspired awe.

Three million years ago, lions roamed across Africa and the Eurasian supercontinent. Today, however, lions are restricted to Africa and a few other parts of Asia due to ice ages or changes in the environment.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature considers lions to be a “vulnerable species”, meaning their numbers could rise. Researchers estimate that there are currently between 30,000 to 100,000 lions remaining on Earth. They could be on the endangered species list with other species at greatest risk.

World Lion Day is an opportunity for all lion lovers to take action against habitat and range loss. These enormous animals are a top predator and one of the most important land species in the world. The species’ disappearance from its natural environment would be devastating for humanity and nature.

However, the threats to lions are very real. They are facing the double threat of “trophy hunting”, which is becoming more popular, and human intrusion on their wildlands. They are becoming more vulnerable every year due to a decline in food and hunting tourism. The lion population has declined fifty percent in the past four decades.

World Lion Day has therefore three goals. The first goal is to increase awareness about the plight and problems facing the wild lion. The second goal is to create more national parks and reduce the number of areas where people can live. The third goal is to inform people living near wild cats about the dangers they face and how to protect them. Large species such as cats and humans can co-exist harmoniously, but only if both are able to understand how to do this.

You can celebrate however you like. It’s possible to change your social media profile picture to a lion, draw a sketch, share it with your friends, and find out who has the loudest sound. You can also get your coworkers involved by sponsoring you to wear a big cat jumpsuit to work. Then, make a donation for Big Cat Rescue.

World Lion Day organizers want everyone to be able to support these magnificent beasts and protect them for future generations. You can embed World Lion Day images onto your website by visiting their website. Click the link to be redirected to the World Lion Day website. You can donate to various projects.

World Lion Day offers many options for charities to donate to. The day is associated with several charities, including the African Conservation Foundation (African Parks), Defenders of Wildlife and Ewaso Lions), International Fund for Animal Welfare (LionAid), Lion Guardians, Nikela Save Animals Facing Extinction, Saving The Lion Foundation, and many others. These charities can be supported directly or the World Lion Day organizers can raise awareness about the many charities working to improve the lives of lions.

World Lion Day says now is the right time to take action. The World Lion Day warns that if the world doesn’t take action today to save the lion, the species could disappear completely. The movement’s purpose is to spread awareness and educate people around the world about the importance of the lion.

If you are interested in helping, please “like” the official Facebook Page and follow @BigCatRescue Twitter. The more people spread the word, then the better the chance of these amazing animals being gracing the planet for evermore.

However, it’s not all doom & gloom. The situation for the lion is still fragile, but it is improving. The world is becoming more wealthy, and so the need to protect the natural environment grows. This will be a benefit to these big cats. This is something that makes us all laugh with joy.


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