World Lupus Day

Imagine being sunburnt, having a rash, experiencing fatigue, getting mouth sores, dealing with joint and kidney problems, hair loss, swelling, and being exposed to the sun. It sounds terrible, doesn’t? It is for many people who live with lupus symptoms every day.

World Lupus Day was established to educate the world about this debilitating chronic autoimmune disease. It affects approximately 5 million people around the globe, 1.5 million of which live in the United States.

Lupus is a condition that causes the immune system’s overactivity to produce antibodies that attack healthy tissue, causing inflammation, pain and other problems in the body. Lupus can lead to death, but there is no cure currently. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about Lupus. They often confuse it with arthritis, which is a less serious condition. Many people don’t know that lupus exists, until they or someone they know has been diagnosed.

This is the problem World Lupus Day was established to address. Now it’s your turn to learn more and share the knowledge with others in celebration of World Lupus Day!

Lupus Canada created World Lupus Day in 2004 to bring awareness to this rare disease. It can cause severe consequences for sufferers and their families. It was eventually organized by thirteen lupus associations from 13 different countries. They urged their governments to increase research funding, improve patient services, increase awareness, and increase epidemiological data.

The day has been observed on a growing number of continents in the past years, including Africa, Asia and Australia.

Julian Lennon is a global ambassador and is also the son John Lennon of Beatles fame. He is also philanthropist and musician Julian Lennon. Lady Gaga, Ian Harding and Daniel Radcliffe are just a few of the other celebrities who have made significant contributions to the Lupus Association of America.

While World Lupus Day can be a significant day, it can also be a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate the cause. These are some ideas to celebrate the day.

Lupus Day is associated to the color purple. People can show their support by wearing purple clothing and buying wristbands that say “Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery”. To show your support, let everyone know that World Lupus Day is for purple.

It’s fitting to wear purple because May is Lupus Awareness Month.

There are many groups in communities that support Lupus Awareness. These groups will host events like fun-raisers and walk-a-thons. If you are unable to find an event in your community, visit the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA). They will give you a toolkit that can help you host a support event for World Lupus Day.

Lupus is a common condition that can cause a variety of symptoms. It can also be very difficult to understand. It is therefore important to learn more about lupus and what it is not.

Here are some facts about Lupus that you can share with others in order to spread awareness for World Lupus Day.

It is also a smart idea to visit World Lupus Day’s website and sign an awareness promise. This pledge entitles the person to pledge to help those with Lupus receive more attention from politicians and the medical community.

This can be done in a few easy steps, like changing your Facebook profile picture so it displays the World Lupus Day logo. Although it may seem small, social media has shown time and again how important it can be in helping the sick. You can see how much money people have raised for ALS by dumping buckets full of icy water on their heads.

It’s possible to give even if you don’t have the means. Every dollar counts in situations as severe as those suffering from Lupus.

If you have some spare time or know someone who has Lupus, it might be a good idea to take a pledge to help them every now and again. It might be possible to assist with small chores that are relatively easy for healthy people, but can be very tiring and painful for someone suffering from Lupus. You can do whatever you want on this day to make life easier for those living with Lupus.


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